Everything you ever wanted to know about statistics in one course


or is it?

​Does this sound familiar?

I need to analyse some data to get a p-value for my study.

​Someone ​told me that I need to use a Student's t-test.

OK, that shouldn't be too difficult...

  • ​But what data should I collect?
  • How do I store it, and in what format?
  • Will I need to clean ​my data?
  • How do I prepare it for ​analysis?
  • Isn't Student's t-test a univariate analysis?
  • Don't I need to do a multivariate analysis too?
  • So what other variables should I analyse?
  • How do I interpret the results?

I'm confused - I don't know how to get started!

​The truth is, there are a ​lot​ of parts to statistics, and unless you've done a degree in stats at Uni, you're unlikely to know how everything fits together​​​

Statistics - The Big Picture

​Exclusive Video Course

​Learning the basic building blocks of statistics puts a powerful tool at your fingertips.

You'll discover that the 'Big Picture' of statistics - exclusive to The Hive - is easy to learn and is the basis for all of statistics.

Being able to ​plan a ​route through your next study from beginning to end - even before you start - will give you a great foundation that will help you take your data ninja skills to the next level.

What's Included

Did you know that there are only 7 broad topics of statistics?

And they're all included in ​Statistics - The Big Picture!

7 Parts of Statistics

​In Statistics - The Big Picture I dive deep into all the nooks and crannies so that you know exactly where everything fits.

You will learn how to plan every step of your next study in detail ​even before you get started​.​​​

Statistics - The Big Picture


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Statistics - The Big Picture!

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Statistics - The Big Picture is a work in progress

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​Statistics - The Big Picture

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Who is ​Statistics - The Big Picture for?

This course is for you if you want:

  • ​To know how everything in statistics fits together
  • ​A framework that helps you organise all your data ​processes
  • ​To learn how to ​plan your data analysis from beginning to end​​​
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​After I created the mind map of The Big Picture, my statistical decision-making improved no end - and yours will too.

If you’re truly interested in learning more about stats, this is an absolute must-see!

I look forward to seeing you on ​the inside!

​Lee Baker

Statistics The Big Picture

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